Music/Bookstore Owners

Standin' On the Rock is distributed by Troubadour for the Lord Distribution. Contact Troubadour at 1-877-504-9865 to stock the CD in your store.

Fundraising with Catholic Kids Music

Calling all homeschool and Parish groups!

Tired of having the same-old popcorn/magazine/wrapping-paper fundraisers? Want to evangelize, inspire, and raise funds for your organization at the same time?

Then selling Standin' On the Rock is right for you!

The concept is simple: your organization pays $7.00 for each CD that is sold, with your organization keeping the remaining profit. For instance, if CDs are sold for $15.00 each (the price of an average CD these days), your organization makes $8.00 profit per CD.

Try selling Standin' On the Rock during the Christmas season as stocking stuffers, or during the Easter season as gifts for children making their First Holy Communion. Whatever the occassion, selling this CD will help your organization and help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Church at the same time.

For more information on selling Standin' On the Rock from Catholic Kids Music, simply email us. We look forward to helping your organization.

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