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Great God
I Will Exalt
Jesus Come Soon
Sing of Mary
Jesus is a Knockin'
St Michael

Standin' on the Rock
New Creation (J-Boy mix)
Blessed Be
Jesus Prayer
True Love
We Believe in Jesus

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Listener Reactions...

"Viola and I just heard your new kids recording. It is wonderful! Thank you for using your talents in such a faithful and fun way. The kids are the future, and you have given the attention they deserve. Great job!"

John Michael Talbot
Catholic recording artist
Founder, Spiritual Father, and General Minister
The Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage


Standin' on the Rock is the best music CD for kids that I have ever heard! Finally...a solid, kid-oriented, thoroughly Catholic, music CD! The variety of music and the different artists make for a wonderful listening experience. My kids absolutely love it. McKenna, my five-year old has played it over and over. And, the thing is, I really like it, too. If you want good music for your kids to listen to, and music that they will *want* to listen to, get this CD. And, for all you adults involved in Vacation Bible School programs - you can't go wrong with this CD for your program.

John Martignoni
Founder of the Bible Christian Society, EWTN Radio host


"This is a CD that will encourage families to praise and worship Our Lord with their whole being! Over the past few years, "We Believe" and "Standin' on the Rock" have been the theme songs for our Family Centered Faith Formation Program. Family members, from the oldest to the youngest, can't help but tap their toes and sing along with delight!"

Penny Giunta
Director of Religious Education, Holy Trinity Parish - Westmont, Illinois


"Every song has a different style of its own, and yet it feels very fluid. Best of all, I think "True Love" is an all-out winner... this song has immediately jumped "This is Jesus" as the quintissential Eucharist song, in my book. This is the first children's album I've heard that doesn't dumb things down for them."

Nick Alexander
Catholic recording artist and liturgical music leader

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